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Victorian Era Black Glass Beaded Dance Purse

Victorian Era Black Glass Beaded Dance Purse

Victorian Black Glass Beaded Dance-Purse in absolutely flawless condition.  Huge over-sized, it can be worn out and about, not to keep in a drawer.  Show off your impeccable style with this treasure.  Bought in Paris during the 70’s from a small counter in the Hotel de Ville, I am sorry but the tag has come off.  If you want to have more photos, please simply ask.  Lined with Black Crepe de Chine and crocheted with deep brown silk thread, supposedly stronger than black thread, not sure why?  Perhaps the dyes to make thread black are more damaging and cause the thread to lose strength.  Never-the-less, this is a true collector purse which can be used and then handed down to someone in the family later.  
  • Details

    Dimensions are 12 inches from the top of the purse to the bottom of the tassel. Then add an 8 inch strap drop and you have a beautiful piece.
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