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Past Prezence .... our Chinese Arts Collection

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While there is a great deal of antique Chinese art spread across the world, large collections with the full range of Chinese art forms are rare.  Asian art collectors and interior designers often travel great distances hoping to find just the right pieces in spite of limited selection.  Past Prezence has one of the rare large collections of vintage Asian Arts as well as vintage home furnishings and ladies fashion.  PHILOSOPHY  

Located in historic Saxonville MA,  we created a most unusual space to view these fine works.  This new website displays the variety of Chinese and other vintage items you will find in the showroom and makes most pieces available online.   Everything is priced reasonably including many very affordable items.    SHOWROOM

Home Furnishings

Melting Pot Decor


See high quality decorative and functional household items that I collected while living throughout the U.S., France, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Many were very old before I found them decades ago.  



Artwork from China

Artifacts Old to Very Old


Ancient and traditional Chinese culture and lifestyles have always used hand made utensils and artifacts for common people.  And the common people dedicated a great deal of time and craftsmanship creating finely detailed wares for the emperor and his vast royal hierarchy.  



News and Blogs



We just uploaded lots of antique textile festive costumes into the new TEXTILE ARTS collection. Also check out the new BELLYBANDS collection which includes 27 pieces of antique decorative lingerie along with some history about them. 



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