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French Deep Navy Microbeaded Evening Purse

French Deep Navy Microbeaded Evening Purse

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Navy Micro-beaded Evening Purse in Mint Condition
​This little purse is a rare example of perfection.
​​Unmarked but certainly a fine French work of art, it is beautifully hand beaded with the tiniest beads securely attached all over the front and back. The hinged frame is fully beaded. The quality of this little purse is not to be believed.
Perfect and not one tiny flaw to be found.
  • Details

    ▪ Maker unknown
    ▪ Made in France
    ▪ 50's Feminine era
    ▪ Micro beaded style
    ​▪ Evening style
    ▪ Midnight blue exterior
    ▪ Antique brass details
    ​▪ Soft pleats on front and back
    ▪ Hinged front clasp
    ▪ Serpentine gold strap
    ▪ Strap drops 5"
    ▪ Navy genuine silk interior
    ▪ One side slip pocket
    ▪ Mint condition

    ​​9" Wide x 4" Deep x 5" Tall

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