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Deco Era Geometric Beaded Dance Purse

Deco Era Geometric Beaded Dance Purse

This purse has a fabulous geometric rug pattern in natural earth and bright colors. It's fabulous with good strong colors in spite of its age. The glass beads are small, bright and colorful, deep in tone showing lots of reds and greens, silver, black, burgundy, and gold.
​Both sides do seem identical in color and pattern, and are in very fine, well kept condition, having no bead loss, no structural problems, no snags or pulls.
​These oriental carpet themed purses are very desirable and this one is especially exciting. The bottom of the beading is finished with a complete row of twisted and interlocking fringe. These are the original fringes. This purse is not lined and it needs to have a finished insertion for the closure. Thus the great price. This is a fairly large rug design, in perfect condition, a prize for any collector of finer purses. Everything is terrific about this purse, the colors, pattern and the price.
  • Details

    ▪ Maker unknown
    ▪ Victorian
    ▪ Drawstring style
    ​▪ Flapper style
    ​▪ Multi-colored beaded exterior
    ▪ Drawstring closure
    ▪ Near Mint Condition

    ​7" Wide x .125" Deep x 9" Tall (excluding beaded fringe)

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