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Black Leather Kelly Bag with Chain Closure

Black Leather Kelly Bag with Chain Closure

Here we have a beautiful black smooth leather purse which was made for Marshall Field & Co. in West Germany. I am guessing at the age, but think late 60's to mid 70's. The way this purse closes is amazing. The chain slides up and back over the Lucite handle which looks difficult but is actually easy. A real eye catcher. The condition of this purse is excellent. A few scratches on the Lucite handle caused by sliding the chain over it, and some slight color change on the chain. You can also find some very minor scuffs on the leather exterior.  These issues do not distract from the bag's beauty.
  • Details

    ▪ House of Marshall Field & Co
    ▪ Made in West Germany
    ▪ 60's and 70's Flower Child era
    ▪ Evening style
    ​▪ Structured handle style
    ▪ Black leather exterior
    ▪ Gold tone hardware
    ​▪ Decorative chain closure
    ▪ Frame closure with decorative chain
    ▪ Lucite round structured handle
    ▪ Strap drops 3"
    ▪ Black taffeta interior
    ▪ One zippered pocket
    ▪ Excellent Condition

    ​8.75" Wide x 3" Deep x 9" Tall
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