Fabulous style comes back

​You have landed in a world of Vintage Clothes and Accessories which will tickle your senses. Take your imagination back to a time when women loved to dress up and show off.  “Pin-Up” girls will welcome you as you move around the site and discover beautiful treasures.

The purses are plentiful, so take a look at the sidebar and click on “HANDBAGS”. We are in the process of adding clothes, jewelry and many types of accessories, so check back soon. Try the GALLERY for an unusual way to view our items.

We have sorted our items by many categories. For example, shop the products by color in “ALL ABOUT COLOR”, by era In “VINTAGE ERAS”, and by materials in “MATERIAL GIRL”. We have also sorted items by the country they were produced in so if you love “MADE in USA”, then simply click on “MADE in N AMERICA” and you will find the page of USA, Canada and Mexico.

SensationWear is simple, colorful, and easy to relax and browse in. No ads or annoying pop ups. We also ship everything for FREE, and offer a "NO HASSLE" return policy. We know that life is too complicated anyway so why add more to the equation?

Sit back, look around and ENJOY!  By all means, let us know if you have any suggestions.

​​Thank You and Have Fun!     Gina Marie

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